HSC 2020 Primary Election Results

A deserted Harriton High School, closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo: Sam Catania, Harriton TV

HSC completed its primary election and counted a total of 542 verified votes, according to a press release published by Harriton Student Council. Harriton TV obtained the full results of the election for each candidate. The top two candidates for each office are eligible to move on to the “General Election” round of voting which will ultimately decide next year’s Student Council officers. Each voter was given two votes to cast for each office, but was able to cast only one of the two or abstain.

OfficeCandidateTotal # of VotesPercent of Vote in Race
PresidentOlivia Kim24323.06%
PresidentNiosha Parvizi35833.97%
PresidentAndy Wu45342.98%
Vice PresidentSophia Fox18717.98%
Vice PresidentCamille Fürer32831.54%
Vice PresidentAudrey Sigler35033.65%
Vice PresidentEvan Zales17516.83%
SecretaryJordan Lewis35835.45%
SecretaryMaya Waldstreicher21921.68%
SecretaryJade Zhu43342.87%
TreasurerNeha Dhanwada28928.31%
TreasurerKaelyn Klatte29128.50%
TreasurerSophie Weinstein44143.19%
Sergeant-at-ArmsEshal Asim949.12%
Sergeant-at-ArmsOren Eldor12311.93%
Sergeant-at-ArmsEli Feldman34433.37%
Sergeant-at-ArmsMikey Kotler29228.32%
Sergeant-at-ArmsIshika Vyas17817.26%

To clarify, the following candidates will advance to the next round of voting.

PresidentNiosha Parvizi
Andy Wu
Vice PresidentCamille Fürer
Audrey Sigler
SecretaryJordan Lewis
Jade Zhu
TreasurerKaelyn Klatte
Sophie Weinstein
Sergeant-at-ArmsEli Feldman
Mikey Kotler

According to Student Council, 545 votes were initially cast in the election but 3 were found to be illegal. Only 9th through 11th grade students at Harriton are eligible to vote. Student Council told Harriton TV that one senior, one Harriton graduate, and one other ineligible student attempted to vote in the election but that their votes would not have changed the ultimate winners.

This year’s election was the first to be run under HSC’s newly revised bylaws, which added many additional campaign regulations detailing how candidates and officers should conduct themselves throughout the election process. The election also marked the deployment of a new Student Council software developed by Harriton Freshman Adam Gilbert that was used for crosschecking voters against a valid-student database to ensure that they cast their vote ‘legally.’

According to Student Council President Graham Branscom, the software saved countless hours of manually verifying each voter’s identity, while also protecting individual voter privacy and making the entire process more accurate. Branscom says voters were placed into a separate database from their votes before verifying them to preserve the original records and ensure that no potential bias was involved among the vote auditors. According to Student Council, HHS administration was informed of any potentially illicit votes and made the ultimate decision as to if they ought to be counted or not on an individual basis given the circumstances.

Harriton TV is a student-run news organization that has no direct affiliation with Harriton Student Council.

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