New CompSci Courses Coming to High Schools

Lower Merion School District is planning to add new courses for the upcoming school year. I spoke with district administrators and attended a board meeting to find out more about the new course offerings In total, the district plans…

The Ram Report 11/8/19 | S5E5

Hello I’m Max Harris along with Eli Feldman, filling in for Emily Wright for today’s RAM Report. Our top story today is an overview of the local election results from this past Tuesday. We will now go to Sam in the Studio with the…
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Administration Directs Harriton Student Council to Change ‘Mr. Harriton’ to Gender Nonspecific Name

Harriton Students compete in the 2018 Mr. Harriton competition. Photo: Harriton TV ROSEMONT–– Harriton administrators directed Student Council to change the name of Mr. Harriton to be gender non-specific, according to multiple sources in council and school administration. According to a student council officer, administrators initially began discussing this change three months ago in an…