Trader Joe’s Limits Access to Stores

Shoppers wait outside of Trader Joe’s after a new rule went into effect limiting the number of shoppers allowed inside at once. Photo: Harriton TV

Trader Joe’s began to limit access to their Ardmore grocery store, according to first-hand accounts and new promotional materials. The changes, which went into effect on Saturday, March 21st, aim to curb the potential spread of COVID-19.

The store also placed new limits on the amount of food customers are able to purchase. A sign outside the store informed customers that they should limit themselves to up to two of any item and one full cart of groceries in total.

Although the number of shoppers at a given moment has reduced, the grocer remains nearly fully stocked with food.

Only 50 individuals, including employees, are allowed inside the store at once. As soon as a customer exits, another may enter. Those waiting to enter may do so in a line outside the store, maintaining a safe social distance of at least six feet from other shoppers.

According to shoppers, the line outside moved relatively quickly as customers inside moved quickly to finish their shopping. “People are trying to shop swiftly to help others” reported one customer, also adding, “Trader Joe’s is a company that values its employees and customers. I think they are doing everything in their power to keep both safe.”

The changes come as Montgomery County leads the state of Pennsylvania with the most COVID-19 cases at 77, according to the Montgomery County Department of Health. According to the department, Lower Merion Township has the majority of the cases in MontCo accounting for 17.

Trader Joe’s stores are currently open from 9 AM to 7 PM.

Correction: A previous version of this article stated that the changes went into effect on Sunday, when in fact they went into effect on Saturday, according to shoppers.

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