LM Commissioners Delay Vote to Ban Parking on N. Ithan

Lower Merion Township Commissioners voted to table the motion to ban parking on N. Ithan, delaying the vote for another month so that more research and communication with LMSD can occur.

Commissioners said they had dialogue with Harriton Administration but district administrators shut that dialogue down and said it had to go through Superintendent Copland in the future. Some commissioners want to demand that LMSD put additional parking along the driveways as was planned a few years ago. Others wanted to introduce “flex” parking to allow for more permits to be sold than available parking spaces. They want to work with students and school staff to find a solution that addresses the problem.

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Sam Catania is the Co-President of Harriton TV and Director of the Ram Report. He acts as lead producer all events. His passion for news and journalism was initially ignited by Ricky Sayer in 9th grade and has continued to grow ever since. At his core he believes in factual and ethical reporting.
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