‘Mr. Harriton’ to be Renamed ‘Mx. Harriton’

HHS-TV has learned that Harriton administrators have approved “Mx. Harriton” as the new name of the competition previously called “Mr. Harriton”.

The name was not the first choice of student council, which runs the event. In addition, HHS-TV has learned that club leaders from Harriton’s ‘Students Advocating for Gender Equality’ (SAGE) and the ‘Gender and Sexuality Alliance’ (GSA) met with administrators and student council’s faculty sponsor to voice their opposition for the name change. Student Council Vice President Valentina Spedia provided this official statement regarding council’s interactions with administrators:

“In order to dispel any and all rumors regarding the new name, Student Council proposed “Dr. Harriton” and “Harriton’s Next Top Model” which were not approved. We were given no reasoning as to why those two names were not usable, the administration simply said that no meant no. Student Council then made a judgement call. We decided that Mx. Harriton (pronounced “mix”) better maintained the integrity of this fundraising event. All comments and questions about the name can be directed either to me, or to Mr. Weinstein himself who is open to the dialogue. Student Council vehemently opposed the name change and we are very disappointed with how everything played out. However we are so excited to move on to the next stage of the show and we hope you all are too! See you on February 22nd for Mx. Harriton.”

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Sam Catania is the Co-President of Harriton TV and Director of the Ram Report. He acts as lead producer all events. His passion for news and journalism was initially ignited by Ricky Sayer in 9th grade and has continued to grow ever since. At his core he believes in factual and ethical reporting.
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