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The Ram Report 1/7/20 | S5E9

Harriton’s annual “Dr. Harriton” event is quickly approaching and HTC’s winter one acts are just around the corner. Hello I’m Max Harris along with Emily Wright for today’s Ram Report. This is the first Ram Report of the new year, and we hope you all had a successful and well-rested winter break. To open today’s show, we begin with a report on the progress of this year’s Dr. Harriton event introducing the contestants.

2020 Dr. Harriton Preview Video

Thanks Max. Dr. Harriton will be held on February 28th, and tickets will be sold later this month. Dr. Harriton has been making an impact on the local community for the past 12 years. We now turn to a recap on what last year’s Dr. Harriton initiative accomplished throughout the event.

2019 Dr. Harriton Retro Report Video

HTC’s Winter One Acts open this weekend, featuring six student-directed one act plays in Harriton’s blackbox theater. The 20-minute plays range from drama to comedy, each being entirely different from the last. Showings will take place this Thursday through Saturday at 7 PM, as well as a matinee 2 PM showing on Saturday. Tickets are being sold at

Before we end today’s show, we have a Student Council update from our student body president, Graham Branscom. Graham?

President Graham Branscom Student Council Update

That’s all for today’s Ram Report. Signing off this is Emily Wright and Max Harris. From all of us here at HHS-TV, thanks for watching the Ram Report. 

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