HSC 2019 Primary Election Results

The following list contains the candidates who will move forward after HSC 2019 primary elections. The top two candidates from each race move forward to the general election round of voting. Candidates will present a speech to the entire student body within the coming week before voting occurs.

2019 General Election Candidates for President:– Graham Branscom
– Adelle Wilkin
2019 General Election Candidates for Vice President:– Sam Catania
– Madison Wolfgang
2019 General Election Candidates for Secretary:– Camille Donoho
– Ellie Ferenchick
2019 General Election Candidates for Treasurer:– Scott Blender
– Taylor Shinal
2019 General Election Candidates for Sergeant-at-Arms:– Kat Berbarian
– Charisma Hasan

Harriton TV is working to obtain more information about the primary election such as the number of students who voted as well as percent vote each candidate secured. We will update this document when and if we are able to gain access to such information.

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