The Ram Report 1/13/20 | S5E10

A Harriton student made the top 300 competitors in the 2020 Regeneron Science Talent Search@ and a new Herd it in the Hall segment is ready to be released.@ Hello I’m Max Harris along with Emily Wright for today’s ram report. We’ll be leading today’s show with a quick update from Sam Catania on senior Ravi Balasubramanian’s involvement in one of the largest student research competitions in the country.

SAM (Thanks Emily. Recently Harriton Student Ravi Balasubramanian made the top 300 in the science Regeneron talent search competition. The contests is the longest running science competition in the nation. His submission, titled, “Volvox barberi flocks, forming near-optimal, two-dimensional, polydisperse lattice packings.” will continue through rounds of judging to see if he makes it past the semi-finalist round. Harriton High School has fared well in this contest recently––last year senior Samuel Weissman placed second in the nation receiving $175,000. We wish Ravi the best of luck through the next rounds of judging. Harriton TV will have a full interview with Ravi on our next Ram Report. Back you the news desk.

Thanks Sam. We’ll be following this segment with an interview with Ravi within the coming weeks. We now turn to Eli Feldman for a sports update in the studio.

Welcome in to Sports in the Studio! In Harriton sports, the boys varsity basketball team lost to Garnet Valley on Saturday. The girls varsity basketball team lost to Ridley on Thursday. The boys indoor track team for the varsity DMR team finished 1st, Congratulations to the members of that team, Finn Glew, Teddy Molineaux, Ben Johnson, and Sam Kartsonis. In local sports, the Sixers lost to Dallas Mavericks on Saturday by a score of 109-91. The Flyers also lost on Saturday to the Tampa Bay Lightning by a score of 1-0. I’m Eli Feldman, now back to the News Desk!

Thanks Eli. We now turn to Sam in the studio again with an update on potential school start time changes in Lower Merion School District.

Thanks Emily. Last October, the long-awaited proposed school start time schedule was unveiled at a Lower Merion School District Board Meeting. The proposed plan would see Elementary School Students starting first, at 7:45, followed by High School at 8:25, and then Middle School last at 9:05. The proposed changes would either take effect next year or after the new middle school is complete in 2023. Over the past few months, a large opposition movement, led mostly by Elementary School parents, has emerged, most notably creating an online petition that has garnered over 800 signatures. Proponents of the plan have been pushing for the later school start times for many years and consider many of the concerns of the opposition to be overblown. The district says students and staff wishing to give their thoughts on the matter, should either attend upcoming or email [email protected] The next school board meeting will be on January 27th. Finally, there will be school listening session Harriton through the Principal Advisory Board in the coming weeks. The board is expected to take action on this issue this spring. That’s it for our LMSD school start times update. Now back to the news desk.

Thanks Sam. We now turn to Goldie Beck and Neha Dhanwada for their newest Herd it in the Hall segment, Herd it in the Mall.

Video: Herd it in the… Mall?

That’s all for today’s Ram Report. Signing off this is Emily Wright and Max Harris. From all of us here at HHS-TV, thanks for watching The Ram Report.

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