The Ram Report 10/10/19 | S5E2

Hello I’m Max Harris.

Along with Ella Goodbinder, sub-ing in for Emily Wright.

For today’s Ram Report. Earlier this week, a deer was found caught in the nets of the lacrosse field during school hours. With more on the story of how the deer was rescued, we turn to Julie Wright. Julie?

Deer Report Video

Thanks Julie. We now turn to Eli Feldman with a sports update in the studio. Eli?

Eli with Sports

Thanks Eli. Harriton TV is excited to announce that we’ll be co-sponsoring this year’s Lower Merion Board of School Directors Candidates Forum. The event will be held on Wednesday, October 23 from 7:00-9:00 p.m. in the Lower Merion High School auditorium. Leaders from both the harriton and Lower Merion debate teams will be moderating questions, and it will be a great opportunity to learn more about the candidates for five open positions on the School Board. You can submit questions for the event with the link sent to you via email. We now turn to Sam Catania in the studio with more information on the event.

Sam in the Studio: Lower Merion School District recently filed plans with the township for a construction project at Harriton High School. The project will include a 4,856 square foot addition, the installation of 29 new parking spaces, and the addition of 98 reserve parking spaces to be located on the lacrosse field.

The Township will vote the application on December 2nd, and if approved, construction would likely begin shortly.

According to District Superintendent Mr. Robert Copeland, the first 29 spots will be paved and usable and the additional 98 will be designated overflow parking for events that require it such as open house night. The project also includes the rerouting of some of Harriton’s driveways to accommodate the new parking.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as further details are made available. For Harriton TV, I’m Sam Catania.

Thanks Sam. To end today’s show, we have a new Herd it in the Hall segment featuring students’ weekend plans. Here’s Herd it in the Hall with Goldie Beck, Neha Dhanwada, and Evan Zales, weekend style.

That’s all for today’s Ram Report. Before we sign off, we would like to thank our new sponsor, the Harriton School Store. To pick up some great Harriton gear like these shirts, check out the school store in the LGI, open during lunch and learn. Signing off, this is Max Harris and Ella Goodbinder. From all of us here at Harriton TV, thanks for watching the Ram Report.

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