Rams Dominate Aces in 2020 Basketball Matches

For the first time in 18 years, both the Harriton’s boys and girls’ varsity basketball teams beat Lower Merion High School’s boys’ and girls’ varsity basketball teams. While each team got the win in very different ways, the end result was the same: a huge “W”…

WATCH: Harriton 2019 Winter Concerts

Harriton High School 2019 Winter Concert (#1) Under the direction of Mr. James Joseph and Mr. Joshua Cooperstein, the Harriton High School Music Department performed a total of 9 pieces across 6 different student ensembles/ groups: I. The Brass Ensemble II.

New Art Courses Coming to LMSD

I’m Adam Gilbert with the 3rd installment of my report on the new LMSD classes. This week, we will cover the new art classes that are coming to Harriton. The proposal, which would add AP 3-D Art and Design, rename AP Studio Art as AP 2D Art and Design, and would sunset…

New English Courses Coming to LMSD

Recently, the education committee proposed new courses to the LMSD board. In this second part of my report, we will cover the new proposed English courses. The new English courses include Voices in African American Literature, Film and Literature, and Sports and…

New CompSci Courses Coming to High Schools

Lower Merion School District is planning to add new courses for the upcoming school year. I spoke with district administrators and attended a board meeting to find out more about the new course offerings In total, the district plans on adding 8 new courses across Art…