New English Courses Coming to LMSD

Recently, the education committee proposed new courses to the LMSD board. In this second part of my report, we will cover the new proposed English courses.

The new English courses include Voices in African American Literature, Film and Literature, and Sports and Society.

I got English teacher Ms. Frechie’s take on the new courses. I started by asking for a brief description of the new courses.

Ms. Frechie: A lot of the courses we have proposed would be to offer alternatives to the typical English 3 Honors. We do have a few classes like this senior year. So this is just a non-AP non-IB track offering. They will be offered at the Honors and College Prep level. This is to give students an experiance taking an English course which is more focused topically, thematically on certain ideas and certain disciplines, which is more typical of the kinds of English courses you would take at the college level.

After the courses are approved, the existing English 3H class will only remain for one more year, for those who really wanted to take it, and then it will be completely removed in favor of these new classes.

The goals of these new courses is to focus more on specific topics than to have a general focus, as is with the existing courses.

The new courses, which focus on a variety of topics such as African American voice in literature, literature through film, and sports and society, aim to allow this more specific focus on a topic throughout the year.

For Harriton TV, I’m Adam Gilbert. Now back to the news desk.

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