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The Ram Report 11/26/19 | S5E8

In a massive accident a car destroyed the front of a Lancaster Avenue travel agency and Harriton just wrapped up its annual international night. Plus, stay tuned until the end of our show for a new Herd it in the Hall. Hello I’m Max Harris along with Eli Feldman for today’s Ram Report. We begin our show with some recent breaking news. Last Thursday, an elderly woman crashed her car into the front of Swain Destinations, a business on Lancaster avenue. Here’s our report.

Max Harris reports on a Car Crash on Lancaster Avenue

The crash happened during rush-hour making Lower Merion’s traffic even heavier. Again, there were no injuries in this accident. Swain Destinations has since boarded up their window and plans to hire a local artist to replace the window with a mural.

Last week, Harriton hosted the fourth annual international night event. The event featured several booths run by Harriton students representing countries across the globe. For more on this story, we turn to reporter Sam Catania. Sam?

Sam Catania reports on Harriton’s 2019 International Night

Thank’s Sam. The students who coordinated the night told Harriton TV that all proceeds will go to charity. If you’ve been watching the Ram Report you know that Lower Merion’s high schools will be getting some new courses next year. We now turn to reporter Adam Gilbert for the third episode in his three-part series covering changes to Harriton’s Art offerings.

Adam Gilbert Reports on Harriton’s New Art Classes

Thanks Adam. Now for a sports update.

Eli with Sports:

Welcome in to Sports in the Studio! In Harriton sports, congratulations to Mikkel Anderson for being selected to the 2019 All-State Team for boys soccer. This is a huge honor after having an amazing season. In local sports, the Sixers lost last night to the Toronto Raptors by a score of 101-96. This game not only dropped the Sixers in the standings, but also served as Joel Embiid’s worst game of his career, as he scored 0 points on over 10 shots and 3 foul shots. The Flyers won their game last night against the Vancouver Canucks by a score of 2-1. The Phillies have reportedly “checked in” on Free Agent starting pitcher Madison Bumgarner. The Phillies hope to add starting pitching this offseason, as they have been associated with most starting pitchers this offseason. 

Finally, we have a new episode of Herd it in the Hall. Let’s see what our team has in store for us this week.

Herd it in the Hall: Thanksgiving Edition

And that’ll be all for today’s Ram Report. Signing off this is Max Harris and Eli Feldman. From all of us here at Harriton TV, thanks for watching the Ram Report. 

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