New Art Courses Coming to LMSD

I’m Adam Gilbert with the 3rd installment of my report on the new LMSD classes. This week, we will cover the new art classes that are coming to Harriton.

The proposal, which would add AP 3-D Art and Design, rename AP Studio Art as AP 2D Art and Design, and would sunset the existing AP Studio Art. I interviewed Mr. Murray, the art department chair, and asked for his opinion on the new classes.

Adam: “What are your initial impressions on the new art classes?”

Mr. Murray “I think it’s a great idea to divide the AP art course into a 2D and 3D sections of the course. We’re gonna work towards our teachers strengths. Ms. Jackson has a phenomenal 2D background and has been teaching that for 3 years now. Its great but we also have Mrs. Labrinakos who has I think the best metals program anywhere in the area, and teaching to her strength for the AP 3D.”

The main reason for the change is that the College Board, which is the organization that controls AP courses has split the AP studio art course into AP studio art drawing, AP Studio Art 2D design, and AP studio Art 3D design. The 2D course would allow students to develop skills through photography, collages, printmaking while the 3D course would allow students to develop skills like sculptures, architectural models, metal works, ceramics, and glass works.

For Harriton TV, I’m Adam Gilbert.

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