The Ram Report 10/28/19 | S5E4

Hello I’m Max Harris along with Emily Wright for today’s Ram Report. Harriton’s fourth annual Made on the Main Line festival, which was on October 19th, was a great success featuring several local bands. We’re opening today’s show with a recap of the event.

Made on the Main Line Report:

Harriton Student Council’s 4th annual Made on the Main Line Festival was held this past Saturday in Narberth Park. The event featured local bands, food, activities, and fundraising. Many students from Harriton performed in the event. In addition to the music, clubs set up tables in the common space to raise money. Alongside Harriton students, bands from LM and even some Harriton alums performed on stage. In total, Student Council raised hundreds of dollars which will supplement the fundraising efforts of the Dr. Harriton event which will happen later this school year.

In local news, Lower Merion School District administration recently recommended our district change school start times. The suggested changes would make elementary school begin first at 7:45 AM, high school second at 8:25 AM, and middle school last at 9:05 AM. The proposed change marks the culmination of over 2 years of research on the issue by the district. The administrations’ recommendation follows the adoption of similar shifts in start times in the Radnor and Tredyffrin School Districts. At the initial school board meeting at which the change was proposed, over 15 community members and sleep doctors spoke in support of the change. Less than 5 opposed it, most citing concerns that Elementary school students would be forced to wake up too early. The district will be holding multiple community engagement sessions in the coming months to get feedback on the change, and is expected to vote in the Spring.

On October 23rd, Lower Merion High School held the 2019 School Board Director Candidate Forum. Nine candidates attended, all of whom are vying for five spots on the School Board in the upcoming November elections. The candidates in attendance included Mary Brown, Christina Fink, Shayna Kaylish, Lucy Klein, Peter Lee, Shawn Mooring, Subha Robinson, and Tanya Schriber. Candidates discussed issues such as Vaping, School Start Times, Special Education, and the Achievement Gap. You can full video of the event on Harriton TV’s YouTube page.

We now turn to Eli Feldman with a sports update in the studio. Eli?

Eli with Sports Segment

Herd it in the Hall leaders Goldie Beck and Neha Dhanwada have dedicated their newest segment to whether Steve Buschemi is an attractive man. We now turn to Herd it in the Hall, Steve Buschemi edition.

Herd it in the Hall Season 2 Episode

That’ll be all for today’s Ram Report. Before we end today’s show, we’d like to quickly promote our Harriton School Store apparel that we’ll be featuring throughout future ram reports. If you’re interested in supporting Harriton athletics, be sure to visit the school store. Signing off this is Emily Wright and Max Harris. From all of us here at Harriton TV, thanks for watching the Ram Report. 

The Ram Report, produced by Harriton TV.

Originally aired October 28th, 2019.

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